ABOUT Math Mediator

I started teaching math full time and preparing for three subjects in this first teaching position, as well as taking classes to finish my credential. I was overwhelmed with creating lesson plans and searched all over the internet for some good math lesson plans that I could take and use without putting in a bunch of time to redo or create the full lesson. I spent more time searching and ended up doing it myself, putting in many late nights. So, since the school closed due to financial problems and I had some time, I wanted to put some plans together for teachers.

Application Enriched Lesson Plans

I developed stand alone Algebra 2 high school lesson plans that incorporate real life examples and applications. In addition, many of these lesson plans raise awareness to pertinent issues on health, career choices, budgeting and social responsibilities. These plans have been structured for a 50-55 minute class duration with detailed instruction, projects and examples. Please take a look at the list of lessons by clicking "Lessons" or by visiting my store at www.TeachersPayTeachers.com/Store/Math-Mediator.

Who are we?

My name is Glen Cotant and I live in the San Diego, California area. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and decided to leave engineering to help out the youth in my area with Math. I was a youth group assistant at my church, and I often heard that same cry of I hate math. So, I quit my job and took a few tests and courses and off I went headfirst into the realm of teaching. I now have a greater respect for teachers, it is not at all as easy as it might seem. Lots of work and lots of patience is needed.