Algebra 2 High School Lesson Plans

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Bridging the Gap

Math Mediator instruction lesson plans bridge the gap between classic Algebra 2 and real life. Our goal is to give high school math teachers a ready-to-use lesson plan as well as help students with their Algebra 2 homework and understanding of various Algebra 2 concepts. While primarily a high school math teacher resource for stand alone lesson plans, parents, students and tutors with a bit of Algebra 2 background will find these lesson plans helpful. These Algebra 2 high school lesson plans emphasize relevant applications that motivate students. Currently, we are only offering Algebra 2 lesson plans in pdf form, with some PowerPoint lessons being added.

Algebra 2 Lesson Plans

We have developed application enriched stand alone Algebra 2 high school lesson plans that incorporate real life examples. In addition, many of these Algebra 2 lesson plans raise awareness to pertinent issues on health, career choices, budgeting and social responsibilities. These lesson plans have been structured for a 55 minute class duration with detailed instruction, projects and examples. Please take a look at our list of lesson plans and an example by clicking on "Lessons" and view the examples.